Titan Smart Wearables partners with CueZen

Cuezen selected to participate in Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program

Designed for startups, the Pegasus Program by Microsoft provides crucial support to enhance revenue for selected companies that have already demonstrated product-market fit in industries like AI, healthcare and life sciences, cybersecurity, and retail. 

CueZen has recently been chosen for the exclusive Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program, highlighting our dedication to driving innovative advancements in healthcare technology and delivering personalized healthcare solutions.

CueZen’s AI-powered personalization engine enhances individual health engagement by offering tailored recommendations throughout the care journey, helping people achieve their personal health objectives.  

The Pegasus program allows us to bring advanced Open AI integration and Azure features to our customers and gives us increased access to Microsoft's enterprise health customer base, thereby expanding our global footprint together
Ankur Teredesai
CEO of CueZen and Professor at the University of Washington.

Titan Smart Wearables partners with CueZen to revolutionize health and wellness in India

Going beyond counting steps and measuring BPM 

Titan Smart Wearables recently announced their strategic partnership with CueZen with a shared vision to empower Indians with a new generation of smart wearables & AI-powered solutions that offer actionable guidance and support for a healthier lifestyle.

“In light of the health challenges confronting India today, our collaboration is laser-focused on delivering customized solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of the Indian consumers. Leveraging the power of AI and wearable technology, Titan Smart Wearables and CueZen are committed to developing products and services that profoundly influence individuals’ fitness endeavors…” Ravi Kuppuraj. Business Head COO – Titan Smart Wearables.

CueZen’s AI-driven personalization engine delivers hyper-personalized nudges and actionable recommendations encouraging lifestyle and behavioral change, significantly improving health outcomes and adherence to care protocols.

“We must accept that most of us are highly irrational when it comes to prioritizing our lifestyle and health goals. A tiny bit of personalized nudging and engagement can go a long way to help our future self be a bit less irrational. Personalization is, therefore, the future of health. Our collaboration with Titan Smart Wearables leverages cutting-edge technology, fundamentals of behavioral economics, and AI-driven hyper-personalization to meet the diverse healthcare needs of India at nation scale,” said Ankur Teredesai, CEO of CueZen

Delivering personalized nudges for a healthy Singapore

Unlike generic notifications that can overwhelm individuals, CueZen’s approach focuses on precision.
Dr. Keren Priyadarshini
Healthtech Evangelist, Microsoft
CueZen integrates data from lifestyle apps, health programs, and wearables and creates highly individualized recommendations. As a result, Singapore is seeing three times higher engagement rates than industry standards
Ankur Teredesai
CEO of CueZen and Professor at the University of Washington.


[1] Study findings from Global Burden of Disease 2019

[2] According to the World Health Organization, in Singapore, life expectancy at birth (years) has improved by ▲4.78 years from 78.4 years in 2000 to 83.2 years in 2019

Microsoft And CueZen Partner to Deliver Personalized Health Recommendations

CueZen, a personalization engine for health, will be working with Microsoft Azure Health Data Services to revolutionize the healthcare industry. The collaboration aims to leverage CueZen’s generative AI technology for health and Microsoft Azure’s cloud services to provide more personalized patient engagement solutions to their healthcare enterprise customers.

“We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft Azure Health Data Services to empower healthcare enterprise customers to offer more personalized health recommendations and customized next best actions to their members and patients,” said Ankur Teredesai, CEO of CueZen. “Together we aim to provide tools for a more tailored and effective health experience for each individual, and to help improve engagement and health outcomes.”

The personalization engine for health enables sustained engagement to drive behavior change and helps improve patient outcomes while reducing costs, through precision recommendations.

“By combining CueZen’s AI-based personalization engine with Microsoft Azure’s cloud services, we can help healthcare organizations rapidly scale to enable more personalized patient care,” added Rajya Bhaiya, Senior Director MedTech, Microsoft Health and Life Sciences Data & AI.

This work will enable CueZen to leverage Azure’s secure, scalable, and compliant cloud infrastructure to enhance CueZen’s medical device data management and analytics capabilities. It will also enable CueZen to deploy new features and functionalities to its customers globally rapidly.

CueZen’s approach to modernize health data enables healthcare organizations to create digital twins of their patient or member populations by combining clinical data with lifestyle data from health trackers, apps, and home medical devices.

CueZen and NHS Lothian Revolutionize Personalized Health

CueZen and NHS Lothian Announce Strategic Opportunity to Revolutionize Personalized Health

Edinburgh, UK – April 10, 2023 – CueZen, a leading AI-based personalization engine for health, and NHS Lothian, a renowned healthcare organization, are pleased to announce their joint intention to progress a strategic innovation collaboration that aims to transform the landscape of personalized health in the UK.

This collaboration will involve joint research and development efforts, safe, secure and ethically approved data sharing and clinical validation of CueZen’s technology in NHS Lothian’s healthcare ecosystem. The goal is to develop personalized interventions that can enhance patient care, satisfaction, and overall health outcomes, with an initial focus on Gestational Diabetes. This collaboration brings together CueZen’s cutting-edge AI technology and NHS Lothian’s expertise in healthcare innovation to co-develop innovative solutions that will enhance patient outcomes and experiences. The collaboration will focus on exploring how CueZen’s advanced algorithms and data analytics capabilities can deliver personalized health recommendations, treatment plans, and interventions to patients in NHS Lothian’s care.

Prof. Tim Walsh, Director of Innovation, East Region Innovation Test Bed, added, “We are excited to collaborate with CueZen to explore how AI can enhance patient care and outcomes. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to drive innovation in healthcare and deliver personalized solutions that can make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives.”

Ankur Teredesai, CEO of CueZen, added, “We are thrilled to partner with NHS Lothian in this strategic innovation collaboration. Our AI-driven personalization engine has the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery, and working with NHS Lothian will allow us to validate our technology in a real-world clinical setting to positively impact patient care and outcomes.”

Grahame Cumming, Innovation Champion in NHS Lothian, said, “By combining CueZen’s advanced AI technology with our staff’s clinical expertise, we aim to create tailored healthcare interventions that can make a real difference in patients’ lives. This collaboration represents a significant opportunity to advance healthcare in Scotland.”

Sunil Shinde, Co-Founder of CueZen and leader of the collaboration, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “As a company dedicated to delivering personalized healthcare solutions, CueZen is honored to partner with NHS Lothian. Together, we can drive innovation and create positive change in the healthcare landscape.

With the increasing demand for personalized healthcare solutions, this collaboration between CueZen and NHS Lothian seeks to transform the way healthcare is delivered and experienced in the UK. By harnessing the power of AI and data analytics, this collaboration aims to enable personalized interventions that following evaluation, demonstrate improved patient outcomes, enhanced patient satisfaction, and reduced healthcare costs.”

About CueZen: CueZen is a leading AI-based personalization engine for health that leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to deliver personalized health recommendations, treatment plans, and interventions. With a mission to revolutionize healthcare delivery, CueZen is committed to harnessing the power of AI to enhance patient care and outcomes.

About NHS Lothian: NHS Lothian is a renowned healthcare organization in Scotland, serving the population of Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian, and West Lothian. As a part of the East Region Innovation Test Bed initiative, NHS Lothian is committed to driving innovation in healthcare and delivering personalized solutions that can make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives both within Scotland and beyond.