Titan Smart Wearables partners with CueZen

Delivering personalized nudges for a healthy Singapore

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Unlike generic notifications that can overwhelm individuals, CueZen’s approach focuses on precision.
Dr. Keren Priyadarshini
Healthtech Evangelist, Microsoft
CueZen integrates data from lifestyle apps, health programs, and wearables and creates highly individualized recommendations. As a result, Singapore is seeing three times higher engagement rates than industry standards
Ankur Teredesai
CEO of CueZen and Professor at the University of Washington.


[1] Study findings from Global Burden of Disease 2019

[2] According to the World Health Organization, in Singapore, life expectancy at birth (years) has improved by ▲4.78 years from 78.4 years in 2000 to 83.2 years in 2019