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AI-based Personalization Engine for Health

CueZen gives you an AI-based personalization platform to enhance digital experiences for your members through personalization.

CueZen helps your members adhere to the care plan that has been prescribed to them by clinicians or health programs that your members have enrolled in, to make positive changes to their lifestyle.

Example of AI-aided personalized nudges

CueZen helps identify the movers (aka exercizers) from the shakers (aka smoothie consumers or dieters). Every person is nudged along to stay the course depending on individual propensity.

Weight management regime consists of eating better and exercising regularly. The question is where does one start? Some people are willing to exercise as long as they get to eat what they like, others are willing to manage their diet as long as they are not forced to go to the gym.

There comes an inflection point – typically when people start to see results. (For example; lost the first 5lbs – when they are ready to add to their regime.)

CueZen's Personalization Platform

The platform exposes APIs that can integrate into your application and enterprise workflows.

How It Works

The platform exposes APIs that can integrate into your application and enterprise workflows.

The four pillars of our platform (NudgeStream)

Digital twin We build a digital twin of every member in your system using data from a variety of sources.

Behavior graph that shows Pathways towards a healthier you, uses health journeys and suggestions off your care protocols.

Clinical graph The graph is intelligent and grows intelligent every day using published real-life evidence and academic findings to understand and infer an individual's health goals.

Recommendation Engine (NudgeRankTM) that nudges you contextually and learns from the behavior feedback loop.

Key Features

Your data never leaves your cloud

Integrates with iOS and Google trackers

Scales to millions of patients

Purpose-built RecSys for Healthcare

Govt-grade security and compliance

Leverages all your AI risk scores

How the Healthcare ecosystem uses CueZen


Enroll, retain and engage members in your health programs to improve utilization for preventative health benefits.

Retail Health

Differentiate your digital offering with poly-chronic care and maximize CVM with product/service recommendations.

Manufacturers (Pharma/ Devices)

Digital engagement to power your drug+ offering. Identify high risk patients early and improve adherence to treatment regime.

What’s your use case?

Global Care Programs are using CueZen to guide members to accelerate outreach, improve enrolments, create immersive personalized experiences, monitor program health and drive health outcomes with real-time interventions
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