Titan Smart Wearables partners with CueZen

Impact and Outcomes

4 M+
Participants Managed
6 x
Higher Engagement
26 %
Increase in Enrollment
15 %
Improved Health Outcomes

A Personalization Engine for Health

Engage your members at scale with AI-based recommendations on their health choices. Transform care program outcomes.

How our customers benefit from CueZen


Personalize engagement across member lifecycles

Use AI-based automation for personalized nudging to prevent worsening of health conditions and improve member satisfaction. Scale digitally to reduce costs and increase care plan adherence.

Retail Health

Differentiate your digital offering in a crowded DTx market place

Maximize customer value through hyper-personalized product and service recommendations. Optimize benefits and product design for faster member growth and retention.

Manufacturers (Pharma/Devices)

Complement drug/device with meaningful digital engagement

Identify at-risk patients early, and improve outcomes with adherence to treatment regimens. Collect RWE and PROMs at scale to improve trials and products.

Discover how our customers are using CueZen

Health Program Managers
Guide members through wellness journeys. Help members enroll in the right health programs by matching goals with propensity of success.
Care Managers with focus on Health Equity
Multilingual, contextual nudges to scale personalized coaching for manage chronic conditions like gestational diabetes. Read more!
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