Titan Smart Wearables partners with CueZen

Personalization Engine for Health

CueZen’s generative AI engine sends personalized, evidence-based cues driving healthy behavior change in your patients and improving healthcare outcomes for your organization

We do this by integrating data from device sensors, self-reported outcomes and measures, and clinical records to then enable personalized assessment of care for members of health programs. Our cloud-native AI-based Personalization Engine for healthcare, NudgeRankTM, digitally engages your members and guides them along a highly engaging and personalized pathway through illness for wellness. 

Our customizable solutions provide out-of-box functionality for designing comprehensive care pathways for chronic and acute disease conditions to improve outcomes

Measuring our success

We measure our success by improvements in the precision of the numerous population health metrics across the systems through which we enable behavior change

Improve system level health outcomes

Accurate daily member health data collected seamlessly to ensure precision care at right time

Digital engagement and continuous monitoring

Personalizing outreach and automating remote monitoring for at-risk patients

Ensure regulatory compliance and security

Secure, private, equitable, fair, and regionally compliant approach to AI and Data

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Ankur Teredesai

Co-Founder, CEO

Sunil Shinde

Co-Founder, Operations & Product

Aloysius Lim

Co-Founder, ML Engineering

Ashish Bindra

Co-Founder, Data Engineering

Jaydeo Kinikar

Strategy & Growth

Lead the change

Join our diverse team of technologists, data scientists and program managers across offices in North America, Europe, Singapore and India to enable transformational population health programs.