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We’re excited to be attending HIMSS 2024 in Orlando, Florida, from 11-15 March 2024. This year, HIMSS is all about Creating Tomorrow’s Health. Everyone who matters in healthcare is there to discuss everything that’s shaping the future of healthtech. We look forward to all the conversations and can’t wait for you to discover how Cuezen is helping global Pharma, Provider, Payors, and HealthTech/smart wearables OEMs in Creating Tomorrow’s Health.

Orthopedic Care

Personalized Orthopedic Patient pathways with a surgeon-assigned care plan, continuous monitoring, engagement, and AI-based recommendations for patient engagement


Stratifying patients based on their risk for COPD, providing personalized nudges, and collecting data to power AI-driven pathways for diagnosis and treatment

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial setup including segmentation, Adaptive Learning, Continuous Monitoring, Trial Adaptation. Personalization to improve patient engagement and medication adherence

Come meet us and learn more about our innovative healthcare solutions for Orthopedic Care, COPD, Clinical Trials and more.
Cuezen’s AI-based personalization engine for health delivers hyper-personalized nudges that drive behavior change, guiding individuals effectively through their unique health journeys toward positive health outcomes. Cuezen is at the forefront of the personalized healthcare revolution and was recently selected to the prestigious Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program.

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